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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Some Wedding Inspiration from Engage 11 in San Diego - Ottawa Wedding Photographer blog

I recently attended Wedding Business Summit in San Diego that featured some of THE best in the wedding industry as a whole. It was a wonderful opportunity to see some of the new trends and come face to face with some amazing talent. It was there where many industry people were balking the current candy bar trend that was showing up so strongly last year. However, it's not gone for's the candy car with a bit of a twist.

One of my favorite themed "dessert bars" was the Coffee Bar. It was beautifully dressed in orchids and other exotic florals with down to earth vintage coffee signs which lent a modern elegance to the presentation. It included cold drinks from Starbucks and fresh espresso served hot. The dessert array included chocolate mocha cookies, expresso beans, tiramisu, biscotti and mocha mousse in tasting portions. It also had amazing fresh doughnuts...I can't imagine a coffee bar being a bad idea for the after 10pm crowd that is gearing up for the dance floor. Here are some of the images I captured from this wedding party delight!

Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding Candy BarWedding Trends, wedding cake, Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding Trends, wedding cake, Wedding Candy Bar

Other themed wedding dessert bars included lemon bars served with lemon cookies, tarts, lemonade, yellow jellies and sweets, while another was themed on Strawberries and dressed beautifully with pink peonies to accent.

Wedding Trends, wedding cake, Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding Trends, wedding cake, Wedding Candy Bar

I just love this inspiration for a new twist on the candy bar. It allows for so much more variety, texture and creativity.

Wedding Candy bar, trend, wedding cakeAlso, it doesn't have to match your bouquets...simply match the floral arrangements to your theme alone...break the rules, have some fun and be inspired as you create an amazing experience for your guests!

Hope you enjoyed some of this wonderful inspiration for your wedding!

Photography by Melanie Rebane Photography

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Photography Pittsburgh August 4, 2011 at 5:18 PM  

Everything looks so good!
Shaun David

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