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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{Miss M - Boudoir} Ottawa Wedding and Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir is a beautiful genre of photography and it is one that I absolutely adore. For me, Boudoir is a beautiful and intimate portrait of yourself and there is a special interplay between subject and photographer that is essential for my client to relax, be herself and in the end, really see herself in the final boudoir portrait. It is one thing to look like you are "putting it out there" for someone else all sex kitten like (which too is fun), but it is far more powerful image in my opinion to be able to capture the authentic beauty and vulnerability of my subjects that only a lover may witness...this is magic. I am proud to say, that I rarely touch up my images but rather use light and camera angles to create the most flattering look. What I love most about this is that my clients and truly see themselves as they are - stunning- and not feel that they are looking at a "doctored" version of themselves that doesn't feel authentic.
Here are some sneak peeks from Miss M's recent Boutique Boudoir Session at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto.  Miss M was in for hair and make-up bright and early and with her Jimmy Choo heels and a suitcase of Victoria Secret in hand...she was stunning and we had a blast. For Miss M, we are creating an elegant and sexy album that will be an amazing gift and surprise for her groom. Here are just a couple of images from her session...but there are so many more...

If you are thinking of having a boudoir photography session with m photography, as either a gift for yourself, your fiance, or someone special or if you would just simply like to celebrate a milestone, contact me for a consultation. I offer private boudoir sessions, boudoir soirees (boutique bachelorette parties) and boutique boudoir marathons quarterly.

Want to see more? View my portfolio.


Anonymous October 20, 2010 at 8:09 AM always!

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