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Saturday, April 23, 2011

{Happy Earth Day ~ Being a Green Earth Friendly Photographer} Ottawa Wedding Photographer

A green photographer? Even though we rarely work in film anymore and mostly work digitally doesn't mean we don't leave a carbon footprint. There are many ways to be a greener photographer from the materials that we use, the products that we offer and the way we do our business.

Part of the m photography philosophy, is to bring you a stylish mix of products that are both completely custom while being earth friendly...(I even offer vegan album options...seriously :). Our packaging, brochures and business cards are printed on post consumer recycled paper. While I would love a shiny pretty bag like the one I received from my recent Holt Renfrew purchase, I use stylish paper bags (yes I put the two in the same sentence) and CD cases made of recycled materials and  they easily bio degrade once you are done with them. But I am working on some re-usable packaging ideas...

I used the amazing eneloop rechargeable batteries...and LOTS of them to power my strobes, wireless keyboards and transmitters...(take note photographers...if you are NOT using these amazing batteries...YOU MUST! Not only do these batteries hold their power for twice as long, there are hundreds of batteries not making their way to toxic disposal sites). This is a no-brainer...

Running a green business means that I am mindful of how I use energy - both natural gas and electricity.  We never leave our computers running and have recently switched over to an LED big screen  and monitors here at the studio. In addition, planning my routes to reduce gas usage is another mindful way to both keep expenses down and spare the environment my extra trips around town.  

The studio is furnished with many restoration industrial pieces that have been re-purposed as a TV stand, filing cabinet and side table, and our main couch in the meeting area is a lovely piece that we rescued from the curb and had recovered in exquisite and earth friendly Belgian linen - hard to believe the sturdy hardwood frame would have otherwise have been in the landfill.

One of the last things that I like to do to reduce my impact on the environment as both a photographer and business owner is to coordinate all the shipping of my products so that all can be sent in one shipment as opposed to many resulting in fewer trips to the m photography studio for the UPS man. But, even better still, using labs and suppliers as close to home as possible is another great way to be a green photographer...

Whether a photographer or other type of business, there are mindful ways to be as environmental as possible and personally, I think it is important to know how, what we do every day, impacts how we will live tomorrow. And if you are a bride planning your wedding with green options in mind...don't forget about choosing a green photographer too.

Have more ideas on being a green photographer? I would love to hear more...

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