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Thursday, August 26, 2010

{a bit about me} Ottawa Wedding Photographers

It's been a busy and exciting week. We did a trash the dress session with CBC television which aired on the National this week, which was neato... it was a fun light-hearted session on a spectacular day that did not see a single gown seriously injured, harmed or destroyed in anyway. They will be cleaned and cherished by their wonderful and loving owners for years to come. And yes, sometimes they are even donated, consigned or sold after the's just plain fun.

In other news, processing images, designing albums, ordering canvas and my little studio space is still coming along but not quite finished- So hopefully by Fall all will be in place here...

I will be shooting two very interesting weddings in the next couple of weeks

As of this 4th week of August:

1. FAVORITE: My favorite perfume is a little known one that I discovered while traveling in the romantic city of love, Paris in 2006. It is the intriguing "L" by Lolita Lempicka. I am not sure by what strike of genius someone thought to bring this unusual mixture together, but I adore it and feel like it was made just for me.
The top notes are citrus and spice with bitter orange and cinnamon, with mid notes of sweet and floral from vanilla and immortal flower. The salty notes combine with spicy woody sweet notes of sandalwood and musk. It combines to create a cosy warm and mildly sweet scent that I absolutely love.
2. SHAMELSS PLUG: Still more session at the Boudoir Marathon in Toronto on September 26th...1 Spot left! me  ;)
3. STATUS: I have 6 +1 weddings left to shoot in 2010 one of them will be at Strathmere tomorrow ..can't wait. I have approximately 15 weddings left to edit from 2010 (therein lies the majority of my work...edit edit edit...) and I do not appear on the 1st, but the 5th or 6th page of google under "Ottawa Wedding Photograpers" because I still know more about creating purty pictures that Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
4. PERSONAL: When I am nervous I can't stop talking...and really wish I would. 
5. WEAKNESS: Among many...I have a weakness for Nars make-up...some of the most beautiful pigments I've ever seen. I purchased "burn it blue" - now I just need to find a make-up artit who can show me how to wear blue eyeshadow without looking like the 80s called...
6. DISLIKE: When I forget my bathing suit on a perfect sunny day and a freshwater quarry is staring me in the eyes.
7. LIKE: Swimming at nearby McKay Lac in Rockcliffe and for that, and many other reasons, I will likely never leave Manor Park.

8. PEEVE: Figuring out insurance policies-post car accident. 
9. FAVORITE MAGAZINE:  I LOVE Vanity Fair magazine and take inspiration from it in my work.
10. RANDOM:I use a McGyvered Coach Bag in turquoise leather as my shoot sac on location to carry my lenses, cards, batteries etc...I may have to do a blog post on this DIY in the future

11. AMAZING: There was sa stunning rainbow that appeared last evening after the was beautiful and not a soul in the street.

A bientot! Have a great week!

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